Fairhaven Literary Review News: Spring 2014 News: After a brief hiatus, Fairhaven Press will soon be getting an all new website with exciting new titles to come. Please return after April 15 to visit the new site. Stay tuned as well in the coming week as we roll out six new titles from three new and three returning authors.

The first issue of Fairhaven Literary Review is now out in print. To order a copy, click here. The Fairhaven Literary Review is a monthly magazine showcasing the best of creative storytelling. It features both new and established authors in short story fiction and creative nonfiction. eBook subscriptions are available.

Coming Soon: Featured Titles:

A Collection of Classic British Mathematical Puzzles is a compilation of challenging math puzzles that appeared in various British newspaper columns in the 1910's. We don't normally do much non-original work but this book was just to fun to pass up. Originally put together for a math professor to use as a class supplement, it is now available for sale to the public for $24.95 USD/  £16.95 GBP. Click on this text for web extras and links to purchase.

The Fairhaven Journal of Creative Research is now seeking scholarly authors for our new quarterly peer-reviewed journal. The Journal of Creative Research is a tribute to academic exploration and a call to return to academic creativity and risk taking.  Unlike most journals, this one is dedicated to scholars who take risks and try new things. It is a place for new ideas, especially those outside the author’s normal area of expertise. Our goal is to encourage scholarship that is interdisciplinary and original. We accept completed works, essays, works-in-progress, abandoned projects, scholars seeking collaborators, and reviews of other’s research. Click on this text box to learn more.

An Easy Approach to Calculus is a classic and simple approach to learning calculus. It is a classic text that is still being used by math professors over a century after its first publication. It is now available for sale for $14.95 USD/  £8.96 GBP. Click on this text for web extras and links to purchase.


Classical Sheet Music for Stringed Instruments Collection: Fairhaven Press has compiled a collection of classical sheet music books for orchestras and individuals. These books are separated by instrument, type of collection, genre, and composer. Most of the books were individually requested by music teachers tired of scouring the web for each piece they needed. Over the course of 2013, we will add hundreds of titles with the goal of being the "one-stop shop" for all of your classical sheet music needs.


Research Methods for Graduate Students will be released in Fall 2013. It is written by Michael J. Hollis, Ph.D., a research methods professor. It is a quick guide to research design and methodology. Designed as a quick reference guide and cheaper alternative to massive existing textbooks on the subject, the Research Methods for Graduate Students guide will allow scholars to quickly select a desgin and method for their projects. The book will be avialble in trade paperback and eBook forms.

Aviation Theory for Pilots and Students is a guidebook adressing a wide range of aeronautical science topics of interest to pilots and aeronautical engineering students. This book will be aviable in Fall 2013 in trade paperback and eBook formats.

Classical Strings Collection Fairhaven Press is putting together a collection of classical music teaching guides and music collections for stringed instruments. The Classical Strings Collection will be the primary go-to source for orchestral students around the world. We have been getting strong support for our existing titles and will be adding new titles weekly.